The Power of Musicality

Opera singer Olga Averino always told her students to study the text of a song BEFORE they were going to sing the song. Why? Because when you understand what the text is about and understand what the words mean to you personally, only then you will be able to produce the sounds needed to turn the song into a magical experience.

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Your body will automatically come into the right attitude for singing this particular song. Your technique will improve instantly!
Using your imagination and musicality to improve your singing is a  complete different journey than pure technical singing. In the end, a good vocal technique gives you the FREEDOM to express yourself to the fullest. But the other way can work as well: express yourself while singing and it will generate a FREEDOM in which your voice will be able to sing effortless and full of colour.
 Olga Averino
It can be hard to find your own musicality. Imagining that you make a video clip with the song you are singing can be very helpful. Think about the pictures you would choose.
Many times you will need to translate foreign texts first, learn about the writer, the composer, the background of the text. Maybe you need to study history so you can have a better picture.
Try to find  out what these texts meant to the writer and the composer. And then, find out what the texts mean to you. When you sing the song and know all about it, you will be able to bring a much more interesting performance.