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Improve your breath support with weight lifting!

  Breath support is something I’ve struggled with for years. I’m a light weighted person, having some medical issues. My body doesn’t always feel energized. Because of this I’ve had problems feeling my breath support working for me. A couple of months ago, I was having some difficulties again and I took my dumbbells and

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Franco Corelli’s ‘High C Leg’

Italy has a rich tradition of singing. Many great singers are Italian, like Luciano Pavarotti. Andrea Bocelli, Enrico Caruso, and many others. One of the great Italian singers is Franco Corelli, a tenor. He had a very specific way of supporting high notes. When you sing, you need to use breath support. Especially the higher notes

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Abdominal breathing, why?

Although using abdominal breathing during singing is best, many people do not breathe like that in everyday life. There are different ways of breathing; abdominal (belly), chest, or a combination of the two. In everyday life it doesn’t matter very much how you breathe as long as you allow your lungs to fill themselves with

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