How the voice works

In order to be able to use correct vocal techniques you need to know how the voice works, what your vocal range is and how to prevent damage.

Pin-VTT-The voice is like a car

The video is an excerpt from “The World within your Voice”. Experts explain how we produce sound with our vocal cords.

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In this video Alexander Massey explains how the voice works. He talks about three elements: Breath/air pressure The larynx with the vocal cords Resonance, the throat and the mouth Your vocal cords produce the sound when air from your lungs passes by. Your throat, mouth and nasal cavities then add ‘resonance’ to the sound.¬†Your tongue and lips eventually produce vowels and consonants, words.

Also read the article What does your voice sound like? The paradox. This article tells you about the function of your hearing during singing.


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