About VTT

This website about vocal technique tips is inspired by the 2058 singers from all over the world who participated in Eric Whiracre’s
Virtual Choir 2.0. I uploaded my video too and listened to many other videos as well.
The enormous variation in voices was beautiful, but as a voice teacher I heard many singers struggle to tackle the technical difficulties in the song Sleep, like breath support on the many long notes, the highs and the lows, and regulating the intensity (loud or quiet) of the different phrases.

When Virtual Choir 3.0 (Water Night) started, this website was launched to help singers to improve their vocal technique and tackle some challenges in the song Water Night.

People from 83 countries have already visited this website but I would love to expand.
It would be great if more singers would use the information on this website to improve their voices, increase their understanding of this amazing instrument and start to use it in the healthiest and best way possible.

My deepest wish is that this website becomes the best place to
increase your knowledge about the singing voice.

I wish you all many joyful songs!
Breugel, Henny de Snoo van   Henny de Snoo-van Breugel

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